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You're hot. You want to cool down. No one is better equipped to make that happen than Southport Home Services. We bring you climate change on demand™. Each of our service technicians has been taught how to accurately identify and diagnose issues in your system. The result is an air conditioning system with a prolonged life and improved efficiency and performance. Southport's fleet of service vehicles is fully equipped so our service technicians perform any repairs or maintenance to your system on the spot.

6 Reasons Why A/C Maintenance is Important:
  • Most of the common air conditioner repairs that we perform could have been avoided with regular maintenance.
  • If you think regular maintenance to your A/C system isn't necessary or won't pay off, you're risking a series of expensive repairs!
  • Most manufacturer warranties will not apply to your equipment if your air conditioning system has not had regular maintenance performed.
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks is one of the most important parts of regular maintenance for your air conditioning system.
  • In addition to posing a threat to the environment, refrigerant leaks are one of the leading causes of system failure.
  • The EPA reports systems 1/2 lb low on refrigerant could up utility usage by 20%, especially for A/C systems manufactured pre-2009.

Why Choose Southport?

All of our technicians and Comfort Advisors are professionally trained and take all measures to make sure you choose the right system for your needs and that the installation is done to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. You can be sure that the system we recommend for you will keep you comfortable for many years to come. We use reliable and trusted products for longevity and stay current with the latest industry codes, practices, and trends.

3 Common A/C Issues:

  • Low Airflow: Low air flow requires your air conditioning system to work harder and causes your rooms to become uncomfortable.
  • Improper Charge: An improper charge causes long-term damage to your air conditioner and shortens its life.
  • Duct Leakage: Properly installing and sealing your ductwork ensures you won't lose airflow and cause your A/C system to work harder, leading to costly monthly bills.

Quality Installations Increase System Efficiency

Installing a high-efficiency A/C system can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. But did you know that those savings can be dramatically reduced if your air conditioning system installation is not done correctly? Poorly installed or sized equipment can also lead to early equipment failure!

100% Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantees

Compare our 100% money-back guarantee with the limitations, fine print and exclusions other companies tend to use to back their work today! For additional peace of mind, Southport is fully licensed and insured with thousands of satisfied customers. Read the reviews!

Maintenance Agreements

Our Comfort Advisors work with you to figure out your needs, ensuring we recommend the best air conditioning options within your budget. Join the maintenance program for a 15% discount on all repairs and front-of-the-line priority when we’re swamped with service calls from people who chose not to join SMA. A Southport technician is available to take care of your needs—day and night—with 24-hour emergency service.

Things to Consider when Replacing your Air Conditioner:
  • Timing – Many people choose to replace their A/C units when a simple repair or tune-up would do restore their old unit to its full function. Call or contact Southport Home Services today, and set up a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION home comfort survey if you’re unsure what’s best for your situation.
  • Cost – The equipment is only part of the cost when replacing your A/C unit. Other costs include maintenance, labor, and energy use (efficiency) over the unit’s life.
  • Installation – Even the best brand’s most powerful and efficient model A/C unit is nothing but a heavy, expensive box if it’s not installed properly.
Maintenance Program Membership Benefits

Southport Home Services is here to keep your home comfortable every day of the year. We will be there to help you make the best decision for your situation. We will take the time to go over all of your options with you. Whether you are in need of air conditioning system repairs, maintenance or replacement - we're here to take care of your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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