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5 Reasons to Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance

WI Air Conditioning Contractors >> 5 Reasons to get regular A/C Maintenance

5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance
Common Heat Pump Problems

In the age of non-stop in-your-face digital advertising, the difference between a necessity and a non-essential service is often blurred. If you paid attention to every consumer commodity thrown at you, you’d be drinking Pepsi and eating McDonalds for 3 meals a day to be happy and stay lovin’ it. But we know you’re smarter than that, and we know that you’re smart enough to induce that regular maintenance is crucial for the performance of any type of machinery. Air Conditioning units are no exception to this rule, but exactly how crucial is A/C maintenance, and how often is it needed? Here are 5 reasons you should have  regular A/C Maintenance:  

  1. Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Cost
  2. Less Costly than Repairs/Replacements 
  3. Neglecting Maintenance Can Void Warranty
  4. Prolong Your A/C's Lifespan
  5. Protect Your Investment, and Your Home 

1. Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Cost

If you had your A/C installed properly it will run for years without ever having to touch it. Does this mean you don’t ever need professional maintenance? Let’s put it this way… A new vehicle is built to run for years, but you still take it in for a check-up and oil change every few months to make sure it’s operating at peak performance. With an air conditioner, there’s no check engine light to let you know that somethings wrong, there’s just a decrease in efficiency and an increase in cooling costs. Every year you skip maintenance, your unit's operating efficiency can decrease by 5%. Over time your HVAC system accumulates debris on crucial components of the machine. The indoor evaporator coils collect dust, while the outdoor condenser coils gather dirt, grass trimmings, and even leaves. This build-up can impede airflow and block heat transfer, but can easily be prevented with regular maintenance, saving you up to 15% in cooling costs.

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Air Conditioner maintenance in Wisconsin
Heat Pump Won't Turn Off

2. Less Costly than Repairs/Replacements

So you don’t want to shell out the cash for regular maintenance, that’s understandable considering you could’ve just spent several thousand on what’s supposed to be a dependable machine. In most cases, you should be fine for several years without any maintenance. This is where the old adage comes in… better safe than sorry. The fact is that unforeseen issues can occur, be that climate conditions or electrical problems, that can cause a breakdown of your air conditioner. A regular tune-up can’t stop all AC issues, but studies show that 50% of cooling problems are preventable by annual maintenance. If you wait around for a serious A/C issue to occur before getting your unit looked at, it may end up being a several hundred $ fix, rather than a 100$ check-up (or worst case a several thousand $ new unit!!!). Don’t wait to act till it’s too late, get annual maintenance and save yourself stress & money in the long run.

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3. Neglecting Maintenance Can Void Warranty 

A common thought is that regular maintenance is unnecessary because even in the case of needing a repair, you can just claim warranty and BAM brand new machine to the rescue. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many new air conditioners actually require AC maintenance as part of their warranty agreement. Check your warranty for yourself, you can find this clause under “Eligibility”,” Requirements”,” Exclusions” or a similar section. Manufacturers understand that a well-maintained air conditioner is less likely to need a warranty, so what does that tell you?

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A/C warranties require maintenance annually, Wisconsin HVAC manufacturers
Prolong your A/C unit's lifespan, get regular tune-ups

4. Prolong Your A/C's Lifespan

How long should your air conditioner last? Like most questions in home improvement and repair, the answer depends on a host of variables. The climate and temperate region are big factors, the usage itself obviously comes into play as you can only use a machine so long before system fatigue sets in. However, the most important factor for any AC unit's longevity is regular maintenance. On average, air conditioners last between 10-15 years. A properly maintained air conditioner may last as long as 20-25 years.  Now that’s getting your money’s worth. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, only 42% of central air systems receive annual maintenance even though preventative A/C maintenance is the number 1 thing you can do to increase your unit’s lifespan. Save yourself the expense of repairs or full replacements and keep your air conditioner running efficiently for decades with annual maintenance.

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5. Protect Your Investment and Your Home

Every summer, air conditioning units start working overtime. If your unit hasn’t had a recent tune-up, this sudden strain can cause problems bigger than just an air conditioner repair. After a long, idle winter, your condensate drain may become clogged. A clog that isn’t fixed can hinder your system’s ability to control humidity, and in extreme cases even lead to water damage in your home. Rising temperatures in the summer can lead to even more serious problems than water damage. When an AC unit begins to fail, it becomes a fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association, air conditioner induced fires cause an average of 20 deaths, 140 injuries, and $82 million in property damage in the U.S. annually. The sad part is that these accidents are easily avoidable with routine maintenance. A spring tune-up is the ideal time to make sure your machine is running properly and prep it for the coming summer months. 

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Neglecting annual A/C maintenance could lead to water damage & fire hazards


Be Proactive, Not Reactive, Schedule Maintenance Before it's Too Late! 

Bottom line is, there are plenty of reasons to have annual air conditioner maintenance. It may seem like an unnecessary cost when your unit is running fine, but a complex machine like an A/C doesn’t have an unlimited lifespan, and in the long term, you will only save money, stress, and time. If you’d like to get more information on what Southport Heating's annual A/C maintenance service includes, or to sign up for scheduled HVAC maintenance now, contact us at Southport Heating.

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