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Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?WI Air Conditioner Replacement

Even with regular maintenance, a central air conditioning system typically lasts 12 to 16 years. If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your house like it used to and you’ve already had it serviced, chances are it’s reached the end of its service life—especially if it’s nearing the 20-year mark. Southport's team of AC contractors are here to help you choose the right air conditioner and make your AC installation a breeze. We're happy to help with:

All air conditioner installations from Southport come backed by a comprehensive warranty and are performed by industry professionals. Our home HVAC contractors are all prescreened and prepared to complete the installation with the highest levels of service possible. As the largest Carrier dealer in Wisconsin, Southport Home Services offers factory authorized installation of Carrier systems, manufacturer rebates, and the best pricing you’ll find anywhere. Carrier air conditioners are among the most energy efficient systems available, with ratings up to 21 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). They’re also known for exceptional reliability and durability. You can’t go wrong with a Carrier system installed by Southport—especially with our 100% money-back guarantee.


Southport is offering a FREE UV light with every new Carrier air conditioner installation. UV light helps filter out biological contaminants like mold spores, viruses and more. If you install a Carrier furnace at the same time, we’ll also throw in a FREE WiFi thermostat. For more details, contact Southport Home Services.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner might be one of the most expensive appliances you buy for your home. There's a lot of pressure to make the right choice. Southport Home Services is here to help you make the right choice when you replace your air conditioner. Check out our Air Conditioner Buying Guide below and learn what to look for when you get a new air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Air Conditioner Size

  • Bigger isn't always better
  • An air conditioner that is too small can't keep up with your cooling requirements
  • An air conditioner that is too big will cycle on and off too frequently and struggle to dehumidify the air
  • An improperly sized air conditioner will not operate efficiently and will increase energy costs
  • Your air conditioner should be sized by a warrantied AC contractor

Air Conditioner Costs

  • Installation costs vary depending on your home
  • Select an air conditioner you can afford, but remember it is an investment
  • Air conditioner financing is available with approved credit

Air Conditioner Efficiency

  • Running your air conditioner in the summer will increase your energy bill
  • The more energy-efficient your air conditioner is the more you will save
  • Be sure to replace the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor evaporator for maximum efficiency
  • Higher SEER = higher efficiency

SEER Rating

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Listed on the yellow Energy Guide on each unit
  • An easy way to understand energy efficiency
  • Minimum required SEER is 13
  • Optimal SEER is between 15 and 17
  • 13 SEER is 30% more efficient than 10 SEER

Energy Saving Features

  • Coil Size: Larger coils allow for more efficient heat transfer
  • High Temperature Rating: More efficient operation during hot summer months
  • Variable Speed Blower: Reduces energy consumption
  • Fan Only Switch: Lets you turn off cooling but run the fan to circulate air
  • Automatic Fan Delay Switch: Keeps the fan on long enough to utilize residual cool air after the compressor shuts off
  • Filter Indicator Light: Lets you know when the filter needs to be changed

Why Choose Carrier?Air Conditioner Installation Options

Why does Southport install Carrier air conditioners? Carrier air conditioners are some of the most energy efficient units in the industry, meaning you save on cooling costs in the long run. Just because Carrier air conditioners are energy efficient doesn't mean they're weak. Carrier central AC units cool larger spaces, faster than the competition. As an added bonus, they're some of the quietest units available - no need to listen to a noisy AC unit all summer long. Some of the Carrier air conditioners Southport installs include:

Carrier Infinity Series

Carrier Infinity 21

  • Model Number: 24ANB1
  • Efficiency: Up to 21 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Best

Carrier Infinity 19VS

  • Model Number: 24VNA9
  • Efficiency: Up to 19 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Best

Carrier Infinity 17

  • Model Number: 24ANB7
  • Efficiency: Up to 17 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Best
Carrier Performance Series

Carrier Performance 17

  • Model Number: 24ACB7
  • Efficiency: Up to 17 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Better

Carrier Performance 16

  • Model Number: 24ACC6
  • Efficiency: Up to 16 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Better

Carrier Performance 13

  • Model Number: 24ACB3
  • Efficiency: Up to 13 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Better
Carrier Comfort Series

Carrier Comfort 16

  • Model Number: 24AAA6
  • Efficiency: Up to 16 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Good

Carrier Comfort 15

  • Model Number: 24AAA5
  • Efficiency: Up to 14 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Good

Carrier Comfort 14

  • Model Number: 24ACC4
  • Efficiency: Up to 14 SEER
  • Comfort Features: Good

Air Conditioner SizingAir Conditioner Sizing

Getting the right size AC unit for your home is critical. When we say “size,” we’re referring to the BTU rating, not the actual physical size of the unit. There’s more to determining the right size than just totaling up the square footage of your house. That’s really just a starting point.

To properly size an AC system, the layout of your house, its age and airtightness, the number of windows, how much sunlight your home gets, and the existing duct system in your house all have to be taken into account. These factors are all part of what’s known in the industry as a “Manual-J” load calculation, and any competent HVAC contractor will consider these details when sizing an AC system.

Why You Need an AC Sized to Your Home

An AC system that’s too big or too small for your home causes all kinds of problems, from high electric bills to premature wear and inadequate cooling. You might be tempted to think a larger than necessary system will ensure your home stays cool on the hottest days. That would be wrong. Here’s why:

When you run an AC system, it doesn’t just lower the air temperature in your home. It also removes moisture in the air—essential during a hot and humid Wisconsin summer. For the AC system to remove moisture in the air, it has to run for a while. Trouble is, an oversized AC system never runs long enough to remove moisture in the air. Instead, it powers on in short, powerful bursts and shuts off a few minutes later. Besides causing uncomfortable temperature swings, these multiple start-ups and shut-downs also put more wear and tear on the equipment.

The flip side of an oversized AC system is one that’s undersized. In a worst case scenario, a too-small air conditioning system is never able to adequately cool your home. Because it’s running almost constantly to maintain the temperature you set on your thermostat, your energy bills skyrocket. An undersized system is also subject to premature wear from running so much.

Central Air Conditioner Replacement Costs

AC replacement costs can go up or down depending on the kind of air conditioner you buy, the quality of service, and the location of the air conditioner and more. Whether you just bought a new house or your old unit just decided to give up the ghost, that number can seem daunting. No matter how cheap or expensive it is to get your new air conditioner, that price is sure to beat sweating through a harsh summer. When you trust Southport to install or replace your air conditioner you get the best service available. All of our air conditioner contractors are prescreened and dedicated to delivering the highest service possible. All of work comes backed with Carrier's warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. While Southport is proud to install Carrier air conditioners, there are other brands available at different price points.

What to Expect When Southport Installs a Carrier AC SystemWarrantied AC Installation in WI

First and foremost, you can count on a system that’s perfectly sized to your home. You can also count on experienced, NATE-certified air conditioning contractors who will install the system to manufacturer standards. Additionally, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures the technicians installing your system will be:

  • Drug-free, prescreened, licensed & insured
  • Respectful of your home & property – shoe covers on for interior work and clean-up done before leaving
  • Courteous to you and your family
  • Knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you have

All Carrier AC Systems Are Backed by the Southport Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your AC system, but if for any reason you’re not we will refund your money at any time during the first year you own the system. Just notify us in writing and within 30 days we will remove the system from your home and refund your purchase price.

Prolong the Life of Your New AC System with a Southport Club Maintenance Agreement

Regular maintenance is the single best thing you can do to ensure a new AC system will give you many years of trouble-free service. Our Southport Club maintenance agreement makes it easy. We keep track of when your system is due for an inspection and tune-up, then contact you to set up a service date. That’s not all, though. Southport Club members also receive a 15% discount on all repairs and get front-of-the-line priority during the busy season. Plus, you’ll never be charged an after-hours service fee if you need service on the weekend or after regular business hours.

Benefits of Regular AC System Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance can prevent emergency repairs
  • Most manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance
  • Regular checkups can spot refrigerant leaks before they cause a costly system failure

Southport Installs Residential and Commercial AC Systems Throughout SE WI

From our central location in Caledonia, Southport serves homes and businesses from the north shore communities of Milwaukee to as far south as Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie and out to Madison in the west. If you’re not sure if you’re in our area, just give us a call at 262-898-3000. Trust us for:

Air Conditioning
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