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Home AC System Repair in Wisconsin

Compared to a heater failure in winter, an air conditioning system that conks out in summer may seem like the lesser of two evils. Try going more than a day or two without air conditioning during one of our notoriously humid summers, though, and you quickly realize how dependent we’ve become upon it. Southport offers warrantied air conditioner repair on all major brands, and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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24 Hour Air Conditioner Repair in WI

24 Hour AC Repair Service

After a long week at work in July, all you want is to watch the Brewers. The summer sun bakes down as you sit in traffic, your car's AC working overtime to produce a faint breeze. After a commute that took entirely too long you finally make it home. You open the door expecting a pleasant wall of cool air to wash over you. Instead you find your home feels stale and muggy. Your air conditioner sit's idle, liquid dripping into a puddle beneath it. What happens now?

That’s where Southport Home Services comes in—with prompt, professional service on all makes of air conditioning systems. We are Southport, so you can count on NATE certified, pre-screened and drug tested pros getting your system up and running again. We offer fast, professional, warrantied home AC repair at a moment's notice. So call us in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night, or even in the middle of the Brewer game. We'll be on our way.

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Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

The secret to keeping your air conditioning system working? It’s simple, really: routine maintenance. A seasonal tune-up of your AC system will not only keep your system running at peak efficiency, it will also help prevent most of the common air conditioner breakdowns. Refrigerant leaks, for instance, are one of the leading causes of AC system failures. Caught early they can be easily corrected, preventing not only AC system failure but also damage to the environment.

We recommend a yearly AC system tune-up in spring, before the peak cooling season hits. You might also consider a maintenance agreement with Southport. When you enroll in the Southport Club, you become entitled to a comprehensive annual tune-up, a 15% discount on all repairs, no after-hour fees, and front-of-the-line priority during the busy season.

Warrantied AC Repair in Wisconsin

Yes, Southport is the largest Carrier dealer in Wisconsin. Yes, more homeowners trust us for Carrier AC installation than anyone else in the state. And, yes, we offer better rates on Carrier products than anyone else. But we aren't some kind of one trick pony.

The air conditioning contractors at Southport offer warrantied repairs on all kinds of air conditioners. We use genuine parts whenever possible, and all of our repairs are performed according to manufacturer specifications. Whatever brand you trust to keep your home cool and comfortable, you can trust Southport to keep it running. Contact Southport for:


Commercial HVAC System Repairs

Southport isn’t just a residential AC repair service. We also repair commercial HVAC systems for businesses throughout southeast Wisconsin. As the largest Carrier dealer in the state, we offer unmatched expertise in Carrier system repairs (as well as installations). We also service HVAC units from York, Trane, Lennox and other manufacturers. Contact our commercial HVAC repair specialists for prompt, professional service.

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