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You are cold. You want to be hot. That much is obvious. You’ve come to the heating page of Southport Home Services, the best place to come at this moment. We provide you with climate change on demand™. Call us at 1.262.898.3000 to schedule free in-home comfort system consultation, or hit the button below to get in touch with us via email.

Things to Consider when Replacing your Furnace:
  • The furnace you choose impacts your comfort, energy costs, and family for many years to come. There are a lot of different models of furnaces to choose from. It is important to let an expert help guide you to make the best choice for your home, your lifestyle, and your comfort needs. 
  • Consider your home’s requirements as well as the cost to maintain the heating system and the potential energy savings over the life of your system.
  • The quality of your installation is the most important part of the equation. Proper sizing and installation of your furnace will have a bigger impact on the longevity and efficiency of your equipment than the brand or the model.

Why Choose Southport?

We are here to help. We take the necessary time to go over your options and help make your decision easier. Whether you need a furnace replacement or opt for a furnace repair, we're here to take care of your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Furnace Replacement Experts Help Guide your Decision

Before we recommend a furnace, we will complete a full analysis of your home involving your lifestyle, the design of your home, existing ductwork, your energy use and any comfort concerns you may have. All these factors will be considered before a furnace is recommended.

100% Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantees

You read it right, and we mean it. Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee. For additional peace of mind, Southport Home Services is fully licensed and insured with thousands of satisfied customers. Don’t take out word for it. Check out the customer reviews!

Maintenance Agreements

Our Comfort Advisors work with you to figure out your needs, ensuring we recommend the best heating system options within your budget. Join the maintenance program for a 15% discount on all repairs and front-of-the-line priority when we’re swamped with service calls from people who chose not to join SMA. A Southport Home Services technician is available to take care of your needs—day and night—with 24-hour emergency service.

  • Maintenance is less expensive than emergency repairs
  • Most repairs we’ve done could have been prevented with regular maintenance
  • Most manufacturer warranties are void if regular maintenance hasn’t been performed
  • Improperly operating gas connections are a fire hazard and can contribute to health problems
  • A dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger causes improper burner operation and could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your home
  • We check all gas connections, gas pressure, burner combustion, and inspect your heat exchanger during maintenance visits

Homeowners like yourself often think they need to have their heating system maintenance or tune-up done just before the start of the season. The truth is the timing doesn’t matter as long as everything is checked out around the same time (within a few months) annually.

Find out more about our Southport Maintenance Agreements to help make maintaining your heating system simple & easy.
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