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What's Wrong with My Boiler?

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Boiler Pilot Light After Repair

Older homes in the Kenosha and Racine area typically use a boiler instead of a furnace. While furnaces work by pumping warm air into your home, boilers work by pumping warm water through a component that radiates heat. Older boilers are prone to minor faults. Some can be fixed by hand, while others require professional help. Whether you need a complete replacement or guidance for a simple repair, Southport Home Services is here to solve your boiler problems.

Why is My Boiler Making Noise?

Is the old boiler in your Kenosha basement keeping you up at night with incessant knocking and shaking? The pipes in your radiant heating system and heat exchanger are likely caked with limescale build up, or air is trapped in the system. You can bleed your system on your own, but you will likely need professional help to reset the pressure and properly assess the status of your heat exchanger.

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Why Does My Boiler Keep Shutting Off?

Interior of a Boiler After Repair

Your boiler could keep shutting off for a number of reasons. Some of them can be fixed at home without any tools, and others might need a new part installed by a professional boiler technician.

  • No Fuel: Your boiler uses natural gas to heat water which in turn heats your home. Ensure your gas is flowing to the boiler. The gas feed could have been bumped shut and might be restricting gas flow to your boiler.

  • Faulty Thermostat: Your boiler relies on your thermostat to set the proper temperature and improve efficiency. A faulty thermostat might give the boiler the wrong temperature, “tricking” it into shutting off. A service technician can install a new thermostat and fix the problem. Failures like this can be avoided with scheduled maintenance from Southport.

  • No Water: Your boiler needs a supply of fresh water to heat. Ensure water is flowing to your boiler by checking the valve on the pipe. If this doesn’t fix the problem a frozen pipe might be to blame. You can thaw the pipe by wrapping it in warm rags.

  • Air in the System: Too much air in the system will cause your boiler to shut down. If you have baseboard or fin tube radiators you can bleed them of air in an attempt to reestablish pressure in the system.

  • Frozen Condensate Pipe: Boilers use a condensate pipe to vent evaporated water out of the system into the outside air. If temperatures drop below freezing (a common event in Kenosha and Racine) the residual water in the condensate pipe could freeze. As a safety feature, your boiler will automatically shut down if it can’t vent air. You can solve this by pouring warm (not boiling) water down the pipe in an attempt to melt the ice.

  • Broken Pump: Boilers use a pump to circulate water into the system and throughout your home. Your boiler will shut off if it cannot move enough water through the system. The pump can be replaced by a skilled service technician. Part failure can be avoided by scheduling annual maintenance with Southport.

  • Faulty Pilot Light: Your boiler’s pilot light uses a thermocouple to ignite. The thermocouple can break after years of repeated use. A thermocouple can be replaced by hand but requires some wiring.

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Why is My Boiler Leaking?

If water is leaking from inside your boiler a broken internal component is the likely culprit. This could be anything from a damaged valve to an old seal. A leaky boiler should be fixed immediately. Leaking water could damage electrical components and cause rust to form inside the unit. Contact the experts at Southport for 24/7 emergency boiler repair service.

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Why is My Pilot Light Yellow?

Your boiler relies on a small flame called a pilot light to provide heat. The light should burn a nice shade of blue. If you notice the pilot light is yellow you should contact a technician immediately. A yellow flame means your pilot light is not burning gas properly and might be letting in dangerous carbon monoxide. Shut off the gas and contact a skilled service technician at once.

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24 Hour Boiler Repair in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin means one thing: cold - biting cold that stings your face, frosts your windows and threatens your comfort. But at least you have a powerful boiler to rely on, right? If your boiler is making noise, keeps shutting off, is leaking, or is just plain broken and you don't know why, you can turn to the boiler repair experts at Southport. We offer warrantied boiler repair on almost every make and model of boiler available. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for professional, warrantied boiler repair in Wisconsin.

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