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Common Causes of Furnace Failure

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A faulty furnace can spell disaster for homeowners in the Kenosha and Racine area. Don’t leave your family out in the cold as Lake Michigan drives sheets of snow against your door. These simple guides will help you diagnose the fault with your furnace, it might be a quick fix. If you can’t fix your furnace yourself, understanding the problem will let you know if you need emergency service or not. Whether you need a part replacement or a brand new furnace, the furnace repair contractors at Southport Home Services are here to help.

3 DIY Furnace Fixes

 Furnace Filter Replacement

  • Check your circuit breaker: A blown fuse or tripped breaker might prevent your furnace from turning on.

  • Check your gas flow: Ensure your gas is flowing to the furnace. The gas feed could have been bumped shut and might be restricting gas flow to your furnace.

  • Replace a dirty air filter: Your furnace’s air filter might be clogged full of dirt and dust, restricting air flow and leaving you in the cold. You can simply clean the filter, but it’s best to replace it.

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4 Common Furnace Problems

Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger

  • Imbalanced air flow: If one room of your home is warm while the other is cold, your furnace might have imbalanced air flow. Figuring out why your furnace has imbalanced airflow and how to fix it is best left to a professional.

  • Leaky ducts: Broken and cracked duct work could cause warm air to leak out. Not only is this a waste of money, it forces your furnace to work overtime to compensate for the lost heat. Trying to replace or repair the duct work on your own might leave you with more leaks than you started with.

  • Faulty pilot light: Your furnace’s pilot light can fail for a number of reasons. It could be a damaged thermocouple, clogged gas pipes, or even a draft. Fixing the pilot light could require a new part, or it could require all new piping.

  • Broken blower motor: While replacing your furnace’s blower motor sounds like a simple process, it involves more than swapping out a single part. Knowing where the blower motor is and how to replace it requires a service manual and several years of experience.

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3 Signs You Need a New Furnace

Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger

  • Your heating bill keeps increasing: Over time you can expect your heating bill to increase at a marginal rate. This is caused by simple wear and tear on components from years of use. It’s likely you won’t even notice the change. If you do notice a sudden spike in your heating bill it indicates your furnace is entering the final stage of its life. Years of wear and tear will take their toll on any furnace, and constant repairs will become more costly than replacing the system.

  • Pilot light is yellow: A yellow pilot light is a dangerous sign. Your pilot light should burn a nice shade of blue. If your pilot light glows yellow it is not strong enough to heat your home and will allow dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into your home. This should be remedied right away.

  • Cracked heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is integral to the performance of your furnace. The heat exchanger is warmed by burners, air passes over it, and is blown into the home. Over time small cracks can form in the heat exchanger, causing gasses like carbon monoxide to leak into your home. This is dangerous for the health of your furnace, and (more importantly) your family. A damaged heat exchanger must be replaced and can require the replacement of your entire furnace.

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24 Hour Furnace Repair in Wisconsin

Have you ever come home to a broken furnace? You through your office parking lot to reach your car, wind stinging your face. You're already home by the time your car's heater gets up to temp. You curse the very air around you as it bites at your face and hands. After fumbling with your keys your open your door to find a house that's just as cold inside as it is out. You inspect your furnace and find it hibernating, flashing LEDs illuminate your foggy breath as it hangs in the air.

Nothing about that sounds pleasant! So avoid it with 24 hour furnace repair from Southport Home Services. No matter where you live Southport is on call. Trust Southport Home Services for:

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