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How to Lower your Heating Bill This Winter

Save on your Wisconsin Heating Bill

Another harsh Wisconsin winter approaches and threatens to bury the land under thick blankets of frigid snow and ice. Even the most advanced furnaces and boilers are pushed to their breaking points. Southport Home Services in Caledonia is here to help you save money this winter. Before you call our Comfort Advisors for a new furnace, take a look at these home heating tips. The home heating experts at Southport Home Services are committed to saving you money on your heating bill every winter.

How to Check for a Draft

  • Find potential problem areas: Many homeowners think drafts only occur near doors and windows. Drafts can appear in the attic, in the basement and even power outlets.
  • Close the doors: The air pressure in your hallway could be different than the pressure in your bedroom. Close the doors and windows to ensure the room is pressurized.
  • Light a candle: Once you find a potential draft, light a candle and see what happens. Cold air is denser than warm air and will expand into warmer rooms. As this pressure change occurs, air will cause the flame to flicker. Use this as a sort of compass to identify the cause of the draft.
  • Fix the draft: Drafts around holes in exterior walls (like the drain under the sink) can be plugged with expanding foam. Plug holes around power outlets with a store bought foam backing. A drafty window might just need to be locked. Doors may need new weather stripping.
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How to Check Weather Stripping

  • Locate your door’s weather strip: There are two features to a door’s weather stripping. A seal around the door frame, and a seal around the door itself.
  • What to look for: Look for any cracks or loose sections of stripping. This damage could be caused by anything from mold to basic wear.
  • Levels of damage: Cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged stripping is failing and doing a poor job of insulating your home. If whole sections of the stripping are loose or even missing there is nothing insulating your home from the cold outside air.
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Heat Saving Tips

  • Learn to love layers: It might sound silly, but simply wearing a sweater can help you resist the urge to turn up the thermostat and help you save money over the winter.
  • Lock your windows: Locking your windows helps to create the tightest seal possible, and minimizes the potential for warm air to escape.
  • Keep your curtains closed: During the night, closing your curtains forms an additional insulating barrier that keeps warm air in and cold air out.
  • Keep your curtains open: During the day, opening your curtains allows the sun to heat the air in your home, minimizing the amount of work your furnace has to do.
  • Keep your chimney closed: Warm air escapes up through the chimney. Keep your flue closed to keep warm air from leaking out.
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