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UV Air Purification System
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UV Air Purifiers

Should you get a UV air purifier for your home?UV Air Purifiers

Most people are familiar with ultraviolet (UV) light, but many people may not know UV light is commonly used for air purification and filtration. UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can destroy air impurities, specifically mold and mildew. UV lights can also eliminate viruses and bacteria that can’t be caught by regular filters.

UV air filters are becoming increasingly common in homes, and the professionals at Southport Heating can repair, maintain, and install a brand new whole house UV air purifier in your southeast Wisconsin home. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of a UV air purifier:

  • Cleans indoor air – the air inside your home tends to be stagnant and old. A purifier cleans the air in your home and makes it easier to breathe!
  • Removes bad odors – a lingering burnt food smell inside your home? Air purifiers can help remove nasty odors.
  • Traps pet dander and allergens – you may love your furry friend, but their hair and dander lingers in the air inside your home. Purifiers filter out nasty pet allergens combats gross pet odors.
  • Neutralize cigarette smoke – smoking is a nasty habit, especially when the smell of cigarette smoke lingers in your home. Get rid of gross smells with the help of an air purifier
  • Purifies trapped dust – Dusty homes are pretty common, and an air purifier can trap dust that settles and accumulates in your home.
  • Removes airborne bacteria – Pollen, mold, and bacteria are constantly floating around in the air of your home. Purifiers help filters out harmful bacteria and keep you and your family healthy.
  • Stops sickness and germs from spreading – Airborne viruses and bacteria that can cause illness are eliminated by high-quality air purifiers.
  • Keeps you breathing easily – Consistent exposure to dust and pollen can cause long-term breathing issues, but an air purifier can help keep you breathing easy.

Southport Home Services can repair, install, and maintain your HVAC system so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling your whole house. Whether you just needed to change the temperature in one room or your entire house, Southport is here to help. Indoor air quality systems from Southport Heating helps you save money, energy, and the environment.

We perform indoor air quality checks and equipment installation for homes all over southeast Wisconsin. Our team of professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact Southport for:


What is Indoor Air Quality Testing?Indoor Air Quality Testing Wisconsin

Southport offers indoor air quality testing services for homes throughout southeast Wisconsin. When our technicians come to your home for a plumbing or HVAC repair, they’ll assess the air quality of your home and make a recommendation for a humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, HEPA filter, or electronic air cleaner.

Contact Southport Home Services today to learn more about our indoor air quality testing and evaluations!

Some of the indicators of bad indoor air quality include:

  • Damp basement
  • Warm, stuffy air
  • Allergies acting up
  • Smoker
  • Pet owner


Want a UV air purifier installed in your Wisconsin home? Contact Southport Heating today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.
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