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Wisconsin Sump Pump Installation

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Sump Pump Installation in Milwaukee and BeyondWisconsin Sump Pump Installation

Basement flooding is no joke — to your family’s safety, or your wallet’s. Keep both intact with a reliable sump pump installed by Southport's Wisconsin plumbers. We're on call, 24/7, to answer any sump pump installation questions you might have.

  1. Choosing the Right Sump Pump
  2. Signs you Need a New Sump Pump
  3. How to Replace a Sump Pump

If you’re a homeowner, landlord, apartment complex owner, or anywhere between then you’re looking for quality sump pumps to protect your property and everything in it from severe water damage. At Southport Home Services, our skilled sump pump service experts are trained in installation methods for a variety of sump pump brands and models, ensuring your residential or commercial property gets the right pump, the first time.

How to Choose the Right Sump Pump

There are three primary items to consider when buying a sump pump:

  1. Pumping capacity: If your property will see high levels of ground water during the spring, maybe it is located near a river or at the bottom of a hill, you want a high capacity sump pump.
  2. Ease of operation: Some sump pumps use a cooling oil to help them run. While maintenance is generally easy, it is another task that could slip your mind and cause damage.
  3. Warranty: Your sump pump will be running almost constantly during the spring, it will experience wear. The longer the warranty the longer your sump pump will last.

The plumbers at Southport Home Services install sump pumps manufactured by Pro Series Pumps. We are committed to providing homeowners and businesses with the best sump pumps available.

Sump Pump Replacement WI

ST1033 – Sump Pump with Dual Float and Enhanced Controller

  • Pumping Capacity: 2700 GPH
  • Cast iron/cast aluminum construction
  • Water cooled (no cooling oil)
  • Dual carbon ceramic shaft seals plus one Buna-N Seal
  • 3-year warranty

Wisconsin Sump Pump Installation Company

S2033 DFC1.5- Sump/Effluent Pump with Dual Float and Enhanced Controller

  • Pumping Capacity: 3200 GPH
  • Cast iron construction
  • Cast iron vortex impeller
  • Carbon ceramic shaft seals plus 1 Buna-N Seal
  • 4-year warranty

Wisconsin's Best Sump Pump Installation

S3033-DFC1.5- Sump Pump with Dual Float and Enhanced Controller

  • Pumping capacity: 3000 GPH
  • Cast iron/stainless steel construction
  • Water cooled (no cooling oil)
  • Carbon ceramic shaft seals plus one Buna-N Seal
  • 5-year warranty

Don't forget a battery backup!

Sump Pump Battery BackupYour sump pump needs power to run, typically from a wall outlet nearby. Imagine a nasty spring rain storm pummeling the already water saturated soil - your sump pump will be running overtime to keep your basement dry. Now imagine that same storm knocks out power to your home, shutting off your sump pump. All that ground water needs to go somewhere...

Without a battery backup that "somewhere" will be your basement! A sump pump battery backup keeps your sump pump running in the event of a power outage so your home stays safe and dry. Southport installs the PHCC-2400 sump pump with battery backup.

PHCC-2400 Sump Pump with Battery Backup

  • Pumping capacity: 2400 GPH
  • Switches automatically to battery power when AC power fails
  • Caged dual float switch for added protection
  • Alarm Sounds when pump is clogged
  • Runs on AC Power when available
  • 3-year warranty

The cost of a small battery backup is nothing compared to the cost of water damage. On top of the damage to your belongings, the damage to your property can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We make things easier by offering a free battery backup with a new sump pump.

Signs you Need a New Sump Pump

As snow starts to melt in the spring and it rains every other day the ground starts to become saturated with water. So saturated that it seeps into and around your foundation. Your sump pump removes all of that excess water and keeps your basement safe and dry. A failing sump pump is no joke! Get a new one before it's too late.

  1. Your Sump Pump is Old
  2. Your Sump Pump Runs All the Time
  3. Your Sump Pump Doesn't Run at All

How to Install a Sump Pump: 8 Steps

Tools You'll NeedMaterials You'll NeedPrerequisites
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wire ties
  • Pressurized fittings
  • Gravel
  • An existing hole for the sump
  • Extensive plumbing knowledge

DIY Sump Pump Installation

  1. Once you've dug the hole for the sump and sized it appropriately you can start attaching adapters to the pump.
  2. Glue the adapter to the PVC discharge pipe and place it on the pump. Use a 1/4" drill to make a weep hole in the discharge pipe 6" above the pump.
  3. Install a check valve on the open end of the discharge pipe.
  4. Use pressurized fittings and PVC pipe to channel water away from the pump and away from the house.
  5. Run PVC through the wall. If a hole does not already exist, you will need to make a hole through the outside wall so PVC pipe can run water out of the house.
  6. Seal up the hole.
  7. Spread out the water flow.
  8. Cover up the pump.

If all of that seems like too much work, or you don't feel like digging a hole in your basement and drilling through a wall, you can call the sump pump installation experts at Southport.

Sump pump installation cost

Installing a sump pump can cost as much as $3,000.WI Sump Pump Installation Cost

Some homeowners opt for DIY sump pump installation, thinking they can save some money. Sure, the hardware store might have a sump pump for $500, but improper sump pump installation can cause a plethora of problems down the line. To start, our plumbers would rather install a sump pump correctly the first time around then correct someone's mistakes. If your sump pump isn't installed correctly water can damage your home's foundation over time and your basement can even flood during heavy rains.

Southport offers free estimates on all plumbing jobs, so please contact us before digging up your basement. We will give you an honest, no nonsense estimate of the job and recommend the best sump pump for the job. Plus, our work is backed by manufacturer warranties and our satisfaction guarantee.

Sump Pump Maintenance & Repair

We’re the full-service plumbing company for your needs: installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency sump pump repair to keep your home safe. Contact Southport for your repair services or sign up for regularly schedule maintenance through our Southport Club to keep your sump pump performing like the very first day.

Dry, Safe Spaces for Your Family

Sump pumps not only prevent flooding in your basement, they keep moisture levels low, or non-existent, in crawlspaces too. Moisture in dark, warm rooms like attics, crawlspaces, basement, or closets can lead to the development of mold and potential health hazards for you, your family, your pets, or your tenants.

Wisconsin's BEST Sump Pump Repair

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