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Sump Pump Repair Guide

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Warrantied Sump Pump Repair in WisconsinSump Pump Repair in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's springs are almost as volatile as its winters. The spring thaw and melt rarely happens once, and often includes constant rain in between. That excess water will seep into your foundation and force your sump pump to work overtime. If your sump pump doesn’t seem up to the challenge this season, you need to act quickly or risk a barrage of flooding damages that could ruin any hopes of affording the new home project you had planned for the summer.

5 Common Sump Pump Problems & Fixes

There are a few easy fixes and maintenance practices you can try without having to call in the cavalry. Before you go anywhere near a sump pump to check for clogs or any other issues, make sure to turn the electricity off. While there, make sure that the electricity being off wasn’t the problem in the first place. Beyond the issues listed below, it is not only safer for your home but also for yourself to leave the more complicated plumbing problems to Southport's team of professional plumbers.

  1. Sump pump clogged with mud
  2. Sump pump valve leaking
  3. Sump pump float not working
  4. Sump pump impeller stuck
  5. Sump pump battery backup

While there are some general easy fixes for most sump pumps; we urge you to limit your tinkering. The only thing worse than a sump pump not performing when its needed most, is making the problem even more catastrophic by your own doing. Don't risk it, Southport's emergency plumbers will get your sump pump running in no time. We offer 24-hour emergency sump pump repair, because disasters rarely happen at a convenient time. Our sump pump service experts are always on call. If it's pouring, if snow is melting, and water is seeping into your basement, you can trust Southport to fix your sump pump.

Sump Pump Repair Diagram

1. Your sump pump is clogged

There are a few basic areas to check before assuming anything other than a clog is hindering the performance of your sump pump. First is the discharge pipe, which is located outside wherever the water is flowing. There could be something covering the end such as a buildup of dirt, leaves, or even something like a baseball. Once the discharge pipe seems to be clear but the water level still isn’t receding, move to the sump pump itself. Bring a flashlight, a pair of plastic gloves, and a bucket. Remove the basin lid and then shine the light in there and carefully dig out any free laying debris you see. After you feel like you’ve got it cleaned, go back and check to see if the water level has started receding. If it hasn’t, the problem has yet to be solved.

2. Your sump pump valve is fitted improperly

One of the more common issues of a sump pump not working is when the check valve is not fitted correctly. The sump pump check valve can sometimes jam due to debris which can cause it to malfunction. If the valve isn’t working, then the water goes back into the basin and creates extra stress on the pump which can lead to even more issues. First make sure the check valve isn’t clogged with debris, and if it is, carefully clean it out the best you can. If that doesn’t do it, make sure the valve isn’t pointing towards the pump, but away from it. If these quick fixes don’t get the sump pump back to its working self, we urge you to call us before any further damage can occur.

3. Your float switch is blocked

The float of a sump pump is key to its functionality. The float is a ball-shaped structure and rises with the rise of the water level in your basement. When the float rises to a certain height then the pump is automatically switched on and starts functioning. The most common problem of a non-functioning sump pump is a faulty float. The best way to avoid any problems with the float is to check and clean it of any debris at least once a week.

4. Your sump pump impeller is stuck

If the sump pump has been making a strange noise, then you can bet that the impeller is probably jammed for various reasons. After making sure the electricity is turned off, go and check the impeller for any debris or blockage that could have caused the jam. A good preemptive strategy for impeller jamming can be to have Southport Pluming professionally install a sump pump filter to avoid it in the future.

5. Your sump pump has a faulty power supply

If none of these things seem to do the trick, you may have a power supply issue. Again, the only thing we are willing to suggest you check is if the sump pump itself was plugged in. Other issues may be related to the circuit box or other wiring within the sump pump itself. This can be a dangerous fix, so we urge you to call us and let our professional Southport plumbers take care of any repairs in a safe and efficient way.

Professional Sump Pump RepairRepair a Broken Sump Pump

If you’ve gone through this list and your sump pump still has you stumped, or if you’ve located the problem but you think it just might be a bit too complicated to handle yourself, don’t be ashamed. You deserve to have all of your Milwaukee area sump pump repair needs taken care of by Southport’s plumbing professionals and have the peace of mind knowing your basement is safe from flooding.

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