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Ruud HVAC Repair Wisconsin

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When the Climate Gets Out of Control, Count on Southport for Ruud Repair

For two weeks in the Spring and two weeks in the Fall, Wisconsin weather is perfect. If your Ruud HVAC system breaks down any of the other 48 weeks of the year, you're in trouble. Southport Home Services is an experienced name in Ruud AC and furnace troubleshooting and repair. Our technicians can resolve any issue, whether it's something as simple as a furnace pilot light that won't ignite, reading AC error codes, or something much more complicated. 


Ruud AC Repair

Wisconsin is not known for "dry heat." By early June it can often feel like you're swimming in a bowl of hot stew when you step outside. A person can lose their mind without a reliable AC unit to keep their house cool and dry. If you wake up one morning to find yourself sticking to the bedsheets, contact Southport Home Services for immediate relief.

The air conditioning repair pros at Southport perform warrantied Ruud repair in the Milwaukee Area. All of our repair work is manufacturer warrantied.

Ruud Furnace and AC Parts and Troubleshooting

Ruud Furnace Repair

Wisconsin weather is known for being unpredictable. What starts as a warm, sunny day can quickly turn into a day of hazardous road conditions, frigid temps and school closings. When the weather outside changes rapidly, there is nothing more disappointing than finding out your aged Ruud furnace has taken the day off.

When you can see your breath in your living room, the furnace repair experts at Southport offer warrantied heating repair on all Ruud home heating units.

24-Hour Emergency Ruud Heating and Cooling Repair

Emergencies rarely happen between 9-5 during the workweek. When the heat goes out during a snowstorm or the AC stops blowing in in a mid-July heatwave, call Southport Home Services for 24-7 rapid repair. Our experienced technicians will rush out to resolve any issue with your Ruud unit.