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Trane Air Conditioner Repair Service

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24 Hour Trane Air Conditioner Repair

Trane AC RepairYou wake up drenched in sweat. It's 2:30 in the morning. The air in your home feels heavy and thick, you can feel it clinging to your skin. Gnats and moths buzz around your face as you step outside into the muggy August air. You turn the corner to see your Trane air conditioner leaking water as it sits idle. What was once a dependable air conditioner is now a hunk of metal. There's only one name you can trust to make your home comfortable again - Southport.

We are Southport and we offer warrantied Trane air conditioner repair in Wisconsin. As the leading air conditioning contractors in the state, Southport offers better air conditioner repair at better prices. You'd be surprised how many replacement Trane AC parts we keep in our trucks, and if we don't have one on hand we can order it for you. Look no further than Southport the next time you need Trane AC maintenance. Contact the pros at Southport for unmatched:

Trane Air Conditioner Issues

Trane air conditioners are a popular, dependable, Wisconsin made choice, and are common in many homes. Like all mechanical systems, Trane air conditioners require regular maintenance and occasionally need repairs. Negative reviews for Trane air conditioners often mention:

  • Evaporator leaks
  • Compressor failure
  • Poor welds
  • Defective coil

For more information about these issues as well as general troubleshooting of your Trane AC system, refer to our Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide or contact the Trane AC repair pros at Southport today. Regular HVAC maintenance, available in the new Southport Club, keeps your Trane running like normal, and identifies small problems before they become big ones.

Trane Air Conditioner Contractors

Trane Air Conditioner Problems

Years of service take their toll on even the most reliable air conditioners. Southport furnace repair technicians are trained to diagnose and fix common Trane AC issues; including:

  • Trane AC fan not working
  • Trane AC leaking water
  • Trane AC not blowing cold air
  • Trane AC thermostat blank screen
  • Trane AC blower not working
  • Trane AC compressor failed
  • Trane AC condenser failed

Trane AC Troubleshooting GuideTrane Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Trane AC not blowing cold air

  • Outdoor cooling coil may be clogged - Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get stuck to the inlet side of your Trane AC's cooling unit. Clear away tall grass, sticks, leaves, or anything else that might block your unit.
  • Indoor air handler coil is blocked - Indoor house debris like soot or pollen can block the coils on your indoor air handler. Wipe away any debris and change your filter often.
  • Filters are clogged or dirty - Clean or replace your filter.
  • Thermostat controls are set incorrectly - Try resetting your thermostat and setting it to the desired temperature.

Trane AC not blowing any air

There might be a blown fuse or open circuit breaker that is preventing the air handler from working properly. Reset your breaker or replace the fuse. Be sure to check the return grills for blockages that stop air from circulating in the system.

Trane AC constantly running

If your thermostat is set to high your Trane AC will run too much. Reset your thermostat. If this doesn't help your AC might be too small for your home.

Trane AC drain pan overflowing

The drain pan under your Trane AC collects condensation and a small electric pump should move that water to a drainage pipe. Check the pipe for kinks or damage, and then check that the pump is plugged in.

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