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Boiler Replacement in Wisconsin

Here to Help You Get Through the Winter

There are a lot of houses in Southeast Wisconsin, especially older homes, that get their heat from boilers rather than furnaces. As opposed to pumping warm air into your home through ducts, boilers warm water through a heating component and then use that water to radiate heat throughout your home. These systems are typically powered by gas, though they can also run on oil. While older boilers generally have around 56-70% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), modern, energy-efficient boilers can operate at as high as 90-98.5% AFUE.

If your boiler is old and increasingly less efficient, it may be time to call Southport Home Services. We offer boiler replacement in Wisconsin designed to get your home through the cold winters while keeping your energy costs as low as possible. If you live in a house without ductwork, installing an energy-efficient boiler may be just the solution you’re looking for. Call Southport today to get available specials and financing options to fit any budget. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, so if you are unhappy with our services for any reason, let us know within 30 days and we will go out of our way to make things right!

To reach our Southeast Wisconsin boiler replacement team, call (262) 383-4040 now.

Warrantied Furnace Replacement from Certified Carrier Dealers

Southport Home Services is Wisconsin’s largest authorized Carrier dealer. This means you can always count on our factory-trained boiler technicians to perfectly install your new Carrier system. However, just because we’re experts when it comes to industry-leading Carrier models doesn’t mean we don’t offer other options. We are committed to getting you a boiler from a top brand and doing it at a price that fits your budget. Call today, and get cutting-edge equipment backed by an excellent warranty.

Do I Need to Replace My Boiler?

Wisconsin winters regularly dip into temperatures below freezing, meaning it’s too cold in this state not to have a working heater. With today’s energy-efficient options, boilers are a good option for those looking to install a heating system for the first time—especially if you are moving into a house without ductwork. However, if you live in an older home and have had the same unit for years, it’s especially important that you consider upgrading to a new boiler—lest you end up waking one freezing winter’s morning to find your system has stopped working! Watch out for the signs that you need boiler replacement, and remember, Southport can offer all the top-of-the-line options you’re looking for!

Signs you need to replace your boiler include:

  1. Your boiler is 20-years-old or older: While well-maintained boilers tend to last much longer than furnaces, and have even been known to survive for up to 30 years, the average lifespan for a boiler is 15-20 years. If your boiler is within the 15-20 year-mark, it may be time to consider replacing it—especially if it has not had regular maintenance. You will generally know when your system gets this old, because there will also be signs like—
  2. Your boiler constantly needs repairs: Boilers that need to be repaired more than twice a year are generally on their way out. Over time, your system can only put up with so much wear and tear, forcing you to pay for more and more repairs. Eventually, there comes a point where it is simply more cost-efficient to just replace the system than to keep it running. And in addition to repair expenses, you may also notice…
  3. Your energy bills keep going up: As your boiler ages, it will have to work harder to heat your whole household, causing your energy bills to rise. For instance, did you know that problems like scale build-up can force your boiler to use 7% more energy? That means your heating costs will go up by 7%! Ultimately, unless you want to spend more money for less efficient heating, there comes a point where it is cheaper to just replace your boiler altogether.
  4. Your burners are emitting yellow flames rather than blue ones: Your boiler flames should always be blue. If the burners in your boiler are emitting yellow flames rather than blue ones, it means there is a problem with your boiler’s fuel source. This happens sometimes when dirt and soot clog the burners, preventing the proper mixture of gas and oxygen that occurs during the combustion process. Improper combustion can lead to carbon monoxide—a colorless, odorless, but very poisonous gas—being released into your air, so if you notice that your boiler’s flame is yellow, call an experienced technician ASAP.
  5. Your boiler leaks frequently: As your boiler wears down over time, you may notice it developing small cracks. These cracks can in turn lead to leaks, which may cause major water damage for your property. This may happen as a result of corrosion, damaged seals, or water pressure that is too high. No matter what the cause is though, if the body of your boiler is damaged enough where it starts to leak, it’s almost certainly time to call for a replacement.

Offering Boiler Replacements Across Southeast Wisconsin

Boiler Replacement

Did you know that Southport offers commercial services, so you can get the same type of high-quality, energy-efficient boiler for your business that you would for your home? Our Southeast Wisconsin boiler replacement company has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, so you already know you can trust our services to be completed up to industry standards. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are not only licensed and insured, but prescreened and drug-tested, so you can feel safe when they come to your property. And with 24/7 emergency boiler repairs, you can always count on Southport Home Services for your heating needs. Give us a call today, and find out why customers across the region trust Southport for all things HVAC.

To schedule an appointment, call (262) 383-4040, or click here to request a free estimate online.

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