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Wisconsin Indoor Air Quality Services

Better Breathing in Southern Wisconsin

A shocking but true fact is that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) now ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top environmental issues facing our country. In studies of homes across America, researchers are finding indoor air can be as much as 100 times more polluted than the air outside. The root cause: pollutants that are so commonplace, we don’t even think about them. Fortunately, Southport Home Services is here to help you fight those pollutants. We offer indoor air quality services in Wisconsin designed to help everyone in your home breathe easier and feel better.

Don’t let harmful pollutants affect your heath and wellness. Call our indoor air quality experts today to learn more about:

Southport Home Services can be reached by phone at (262) 383-4040.

The Benefits of Residential Indoor Air Quality Systems

Indoor air pollutants can cause everything from irritated noses and scratchy throats, to dizziness and fatigue, to potential respiratory disease. If there is anyone in your home with allergy issues or breathing problems, it is an extremely good idea to call for indoor air quality service. However, even if everyone in your home seems completely healthy, it’s still a good idea to make efforts to improve indoor air quality, as there are harmful contaminants and allergens in the average home most of us don’t even think about. That’s why Southport Home Services offers a range of indoor air quality systems to fit every homeowner’s needs.

What can an indoor air quality system do for my property?

  • Eliminate: Everything from dust and debris, to mold and mildew, to pet dander and pollen can affect your indoor air quality. And this is to say nothing of deadly pollutants like carbon monoxide, radon, nitrogen dioxide, and lead that are still found in many homes. Even the average chemical cleaner can have negative effects on your air when used excessively. Calling for professional duct cleaning can help prevent your heating or cooling system from spreading these contaminants, but to eliminate them as much as possible, you may want to consider purchasing an air purification system.
  • Ventilate: Poor ventilation in your home can increase indoor air pollution. Mechanical ventilation systems such as Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) may help balance your air, bringing in a fresh supply from outdoors while removing stale air from inside your house. These systems can also capture energy and use it to heat or cool the incoming air for increased energy-efficiency and comfort.
  • Filtrate: By installing air cleaners and filters as part of your central air system, you can help reduce the amount of contaminants in your air supply. Not only have these products been found to remove as much as 97.5% of household dust and 99.9% of allergy-causing spores and pollen, they can also help filter out airborne pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. Reducing microscopic, biological threats is extremely important for the health of everyone in your property, which is why Southport offers cutting-edge technology that can actually capture and kill a high amount of pathogens

Our Six Indoor Air Quality Components

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems from Southport Home Services typically utilize six different components to ensure air quality. When you give us a call for an indoor air quality system, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will analyze the environment inside and outside your home and develop the best IAQ plan for your needs and budget. We promise to install an IAQ system featuring as many or as few components as you desire, and that’s completely customized to fit your needs.

Our IAQ system components include:

  1. Air to Air Heat Exchangers: Air to air heat exchangers work by bringing in fresh, outdoor air inside. Outgoing stale air transfers heat and energy to the incoming fresh air, lowering heating costs. These components are ideal for homes with animals as fresh, dander-free air is constantly brought in.
  2. Electronic Air Cleaners: Air cleaners filter pollen, smoke particles and more from the air. While incoming fresh air might be free of household contaminates like dander or dust, which are commonly found in stale outbound air, there’s no telling what might be in the air surrounding your property. That’s why our technicians at Southport will thoroughly assess your surrounding environment to determine what hazards are present in your air.
  3. Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers: A humidifier is one of the easiest ways to improve indoor air quality. Winter air is often stagnant and stale, causing a plethora of problems from dry sinuses to cracked woodwork. A humidifier from Southport Home Services will keep your air fresh and breathable year-round. And if you have dealt with mold or mildew problems, we also offer dehumidifiers, to help eliminate the effects of excessive moisture and water damage on your property.
  4. HEPA Filters: A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter is 99.8% effective in removing indoor air particles. That said, HEPA filters are effective because they are extremely restrictive, meaning they cannot be used as the only filter, and must be used in a bypass system. That’s why it is essential to call one of our indoor air quality pros before installing one of these products in your home.
  5. Media Air Filters: The most basic layer of an IAQ system, media air filters are disposable filters capable of straining lint, pollen, animal dander and more. Media Air Filters outperform standard air filters, last between six months and a year, and are extremely easy for our IAQ technicians to service.
  6. Ultraviolet Lamps: A fairly recent development in IAQ technology, UV lamps kill bacteria, mold, viruses, and more. Commonly found in sanitary hospitals HVAC systems, UV lamps are ideal for families who suffer from severe allergies or need fresh air due to medical issues.

What is Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Southport Home Services offers indoor air quality testing for homes throughout Southeast Wisconsin. When our technicians come to your household, they’ll assess the air quality of your home and make a recommendation for a humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, HEPA filter, or electronic air cleaner. From secondhand smoke to pet dander, the average U.S. homeowner faces hidden indoor air quality threats every day, so there’s never a bad reason to contact Southport IAQ testing and evaluations!

Some of the most common indicators of bad indoor air quality include:

  • Damp basements
  • Warm, stuffy air
  • Frequent allergy problems
  • Smoking indoors
  • Pet-ownership

Whole-House Temperature Zoning

You have individual light switches controlling each room of your house. The kitchen sink is operated separately from the sink in your bathroom. Your home was designed this way because it’s the most efficient way to use utilities. Why should your home temperature system be any different?

Southport Home Services can zone your HVAC system so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling your whole home when you just needed to change the temperature in one room. Whole-house temperature zoning from Southport Home Services helps you save money and energy, and is also good for the environment. And by balancing your air temperature, you will be able to reduce humidity problems, thereby improving your air quality!

Our Maintenance Agreements Include Indoor Air Quality Service

At Southport, our professional comfort advisors work with you to figure out your needs, ensuring we recommend the best IAQ system for your budget. Consider joining our Southport Club Maintenance Program for a 15% discount on all repairs and priority service for indoor air quality and more. Our technicians are here to take care of your comfort needs day or night, and even offer 24/7 appointments for emergencies. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we back up all parts and labor for the first 30 days following every service.

We are available by phone at (262) 383-4040 or you can click here to request a consultation online.

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